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Wedding Planner vs. Venue Coordinator - What is the Difference?

So you have booked that amazing venue that you have been dreaming of and then find out that they offer a venue coordinator for your planning process and you begin to check off wedding planner. You have a few phone calls and visit with the venue coordinator and then begin to realize that they are not helping with items that you thought they would assist with. Does this scenario sound familiar? Venue Coordinators are amazing at what they do and will help with many items that deal with the venue. However, if you are looking for someone to take a full-service approach to assist with planning your wedding day, the venue coordinator is not your person. Below we are going to talk about the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator.

Wedding Planners are exactly what the name sounds like. They help you plan and manage your wedding day. They are there from the first day you begin working with them until the day you say "I Do" and based on the friendship you make during your planning time, they are there for you for many years to come. To spell out the difference between the two see the box below for a deeper description:

Wedding Planner

Venue Coordinator

Helps with Vendor Selections, checks on availability, gets quotes, uses trusted and vetted vendors

Provides you with a vendor recommendation list

Helps with invitation sourcing

Provides you with a vendor recommendation list

Helps with RSVP Management

Not a service they provide

Helps with Seating Chart Assignments

Not a service they provide

Manages all vendors throughout the planning process

Manages the venue and the caterer (if this is a service of the venue)

Creates a timeline for the rehearsal and wedding day

Not a service they provide and will require a timeline is given to them to assist with service

Helps with layout and design

Will provide a layout but does not help with design

Will place all personal items; guest book, toasting glasses, cake knife/server, all signage, escort cards, thank you gifts (favors), menus, bar menus, seating charts, etc.

Not a service they provide

Stay the entire time to ensure all is running according to the timeline, troubleshoot any issues with vendors

Stay the entire time to ensure that the venue has no issues, that catering (if included in venue services) are staying on the timeline

Pack up all your personal belongings at the end of the evening. Including getting cards and gifts to the person responsible for taking them at the end of the evening.

Not a service they provide

Venue coordinators are wonderful at what they do for the venue and to keep all the contracted items straight between you and the venue. However, if you are looking for more of a full-service wedding planning experience do not check Wedding Planner off your list. Make sure that you go into the process of understanding the difference between these two great vendors.

Do you have more questions? Would you like to see how Blessed Magnolia could help you with your wedding day? Click the link below and let's talk today.

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