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Ocala Florida Wedding Planner

Refined elegance, an effortless experience, and a wedding for the ages. Because you deserve it all.

Full-service wedding planning and coordinating

in Ocala, Florida, and beyond.

Envision a day that becomes an unforgettable masterpiece, etched into the memories of all who share it. A moment that becomes the living embodiment of your unique love saga. We specialize in crafting an immersive journey for your esteemed guests, a realm of unparalleled experiences. As the night unfolds, we orchestrate a crescendo of celebration, a soirée that leaves an indelible desire to linger. Does this resonate with your aspirations for the perfect day? This is our expertise, our passion—to transform dreams into reality. Let's embark on a conversation, where we listen, understand, and collaborate to breathe life into your extraordinary vision!

You deserve a wedding that feels like home.

Whether it’s a lively evening on wide-open farmland—or an intimate tented affair under starry Southern skies—one thing is true: you want your wedding to feel warm, inviting, and entirely true to you. You’re dreaming of a gathering that immerses your guests in revelry, connection, and the best kind of comfort. A celebration that shares the nuances of your love story through moments both subtle and grand. A night that leaves every guest wanting more—as it serves up the kind of lingering bliss that stays with them long after they’ve left.  Sound familiar? If so, this is your place—welcome. We’re here to elevate Southern hospitality to an artform as we plan the wedding of your wildest dreams—so you and yours can remain present, at-ease, and endlessly confident in all that’s to come. It’s what this moment demands. It’s what you deserve. And it’s what we’re so blessed to do every single day.

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Hey there, Penny here, CEO and Creative Director of Blessed Magnolia. Weddings are the manifestation of unique dreams, and I'm here to breathe life into those dreams. With two daughters, each with distinct wedding styles, I've embraced the truth that no two brides are alike. Your day is a canvas for your love story, and I am here to weave that narrative into an unforgettable reality.

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Penny really made my wedding everything I dreamed of!!! She goes above and beyond for you! Sweet, caring, talented, organized, and amazing!!     
~Shelby & Matthew

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