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Congratulations on your engagement.  We are so glad that you found us and are ready to explore how Blessed Magnolia can help you with the planning stages of your wedding day. 


From the first moment we meet, until your big day, it is our passion to make sure that all the pieces come together in a way that will fulfill your vision.  You want to enjoy every moment of your engagement and I am guessing you are here because you want someone to handle all the details for your wedding day.  As the owner of Blessed Magnolia, I am happy to say you are definitely at the right place and we are here to make sure you do not stress during this beautiful time. Let's get started today and make all your dreams come true.

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Your big day is waiting patiently for all the details.


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Are you a wedding pro that would like to stay client-focused?  Find out how we can help you achieve more in your business.