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First Look, First Touch, or Wait for the Aisle

So many of our couples know exactly what they want when they think about the subject of a First Look, First Touch, or waiting for the walk down the aisle to catch the first glimpse of each other. Each of them also has their reasons right at the front of their minds why they have chosen to make their decision. Today we wanted to take a moment to share thoughts and reasons from some of our couples to give you insight if you are still trying to figure out what you would like to do.

First Look! Many couples know right away that they need to see each other first before anyone else. They know that the emotion of the day and the anxiousness and anxiety of possibly losing it in front of everyone is just too much. These couples typically go this route. They want to share a private moment with each other, have a moment to take each other in alone, share some words, take a deep breath, and just fall right into the moment. Some couples even opt to read the vows that they have written to each other at this moment, simply because they would not be able to get through them in front of everyone. At ceremony time they bring their vow books to the altar, and the presiding officiant will take them and place them in a memory box for the new Mr. and Mrs. to have and to hold forever.

First Touch! For couples that know they need to get these emotions out prior to the ceremony, but still want to wait for an actual visual until they walk down the aisle. This is typically true for those couples that would like to share a private moment, holding hands around a wall, praying with one another, or reading a letter to each other.

Wait until the Aisle! This is the most traditional of them all. The couples that know they want to have everyone witness the moment that they see their future walking toward them, whether they break down out of pure joy, smile with excitement from ear to ear, or truly start pacing at the excitement of what their future will hold. (Yes, I have truly seen this and it was by far one of the most memorable weddings to date)

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this subject. Both of you are in charge of this part of your day and you get to choose together what you would like to do. Talk with your planner and let them know what you would like to do, as every decision on your wedding day affects the timeline in one way or another. Timelines are a whole other issue and a future blog will be coming soon.

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