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Detail Shots - How to Get Great Photos

You search through Pinterest looking for inspiration photos of everything wedding. Looking for those perfect pictures to give you the inspiration you start to see varying shots of invitations, jewelry, shoes, dresses, florals, and other heirlooms arranged so that they are laying and the shot is taken from the top. These are beautiful ways to take photos of these items. Photographers would call these "flat-lay" photos.

This picture above from Eighteenth Hour Photography is a beautiful example of a flat lay photo. I love the way that they incorporated the florals, jewelry, garter, and invitation suite in this photo. Using the florals helps to bring in the color palette and enhances the photos. The memory of this day will live forever in the beauty of this photo, without even one person being included.

I love, in the photos above from KT Crab Photography, how the shoes and rings were used to get some gorgeous shots, as well as the invitation suite and little touches of florals.

When you start to finalize your photography list with your photographer, talk about these detail photos. Ask them what items they would like you to make to help make them stunning. Below you will find a list of what we always provide to our couples so they are sure to get the best shots of all the details in the least expected items. Gathering these items and placing them in one place will make it easier for your photographer to begin taking shots as soon as they arrive.

  • Loose florals - ask your florist to include them in your order, let them know what you will be using the loose florals for.

  • Invitation Suite - every piece of your invitations, rsvp card, details card, map, envelopes, save-the-date. Everything!

  • Jewelry you will be wearing on your wedding day

  • All three rings: both wedding bands and your engagement ring

  • Ribbon in your color palette

  • Family Heirlooms that you may want to add

  • Perfume bottle

  • Wedding Shoes

Taking the steps to gather the items noted above will ensure that you get the most amazing detail shots so that you will always remember even the smallest item from your day.

If you would like to talk about your wedding day and ensure that you have thought about all the little details, call or email us today. Here at Blessed Magnolia, we are a full-service wedding planning company that works with our couples to handle every detail of their wedding day.

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