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#1 Must Have for your Wedding Day

You are about to embark on one of the most memorable days of your life to date. Your wedding day is about 30 days away and if you have elected to not hire a wedding planner you may be feeling nervous or overwhelmed. There are so many things that need to be prepared, thought of, and taken care of. You start to wonder if you have remembered them all and worry that maybe you have even forgotten something very important. As a DIY couple, you have made it through the planning process. You have used all the books, planning guides, and planners that you have found to make sure you have it all together. There is still one more item that needs to be put together for your wedding day and it is the number 1 item to have to make it all go smoothly. The Wedding Day Timeline!!!

There is nothing that compares to a very comprehensive wedding day timeline. This document is the one that will keep all of your vendors on track. This will let everyone know where they need to be when and what needs to be done at what time. Did you know that while your ceremony is happening your caterer is setting up for the cocktail hour? Did you know while the cocktail hour is happening, you are taking after-ceremony photos and couple photos, and then the DJ is running things but then it is time to wrangle everyone up for the introductions? Long before a single guest arrives at the wedding venue, someone has to put out the personal items, make sure the decorations are done or set up correctly, make sure that the vision of the couple is met, and then make sure things are following the game plan. This is where your timeline, the game plan, is the most important document to have on your wedding day.

Do you know what a timeline looks like? Have you seen a comprehensive wedding day timeline? This comprehensive wedding day timeline would include all of our vendors, their arrival time, the times of every moment that happens during the day, and the end time of the night, along with the time that the venue requires everyone to be cleaned up and out. Also known to your vendors as their strike time. Below is a snapshot of a portion of a comprehensive timeline.

All of the items shown in this timeline above are before a single guest arrives and long before the ceremony begins. This document helps to keep everyone on track and ensures that things run smoothly. There are so many items to take into account for your wedding day and so many vendors that it takes to bring it all together. Giving them one document to follow makes it easier for it all to come together. Here at Blessed Magnolia, we are a full-service wedding planner and use a comprehensive timeline for everything we do. We also take this comprehensive timeline and filter it based on the vendor. The beauty team does not need to when the caterer is showing up so we give each vendor what is pertinent to their success on your day.

Are you a DIY couple that is feeling a little overwhelmed? Would you like a professional planner to help you bring together your wedding day timeline? Let's talk and see how we can be of service to help you build your timeline. Click the button below and in the inquiry form let us know that you would like help building a timeline for your wedding day.

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