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Where Do I Start When Wedding Planning?

Where do I start my wedding planning? What should I do first? These are probably the #1 questions that I get when I hear from couples.

The first thing that you should always do when beginning to wedding plan is determine your budget! This drives everything in your ability to make decisions along the way. The next thing on the list is to determine how many people will you invite. You need a road map to get you where you are going on a journey and you have to start thinking of these two items as your road map. The budget will determine what type of venue you can afford and the guest count will determine which venue can accommodate your guests. Once you handle the first two items, you can get to work.

These are probably the two hardest items for couples to sit down and complete before they begin the journey of planning their big day! You are so excited to get going and you probably already have a dream venue in mind. I have seen it many times, couples know what venue they want without truly having the budget conversation and spend most of their dollars on the venue leaving a minimal budget for the rest of the wedding. I have also seen that they book the dream venue without truly knowing their potential guest list. This can cause an issue when the venue can only accommodate a portion of your true intended number of guests.

Getting engaged and seeing the future ahead is so exciting for couples. Many couples have thought about this day for a long time and are ready to get to work right away. They are prepared and have had hard conversations about budget and guests. Others have questions and need to get answers and guidance to help lead them on their journey. As a full-service wedding planner, I take couples from the moment we meet to their wedding day handling everything for them along the way. I love this part of what I do and love knowing that they are confident in my services. However, I know that not every couple can afford the services of a full-service wedding planner. That is why I wanted to build the DIY Wedding Planning Program! This program helps you understand what to do first and keeps you on course until the day you say "I Do".

Building this program was truly on my heart for some time. I wanted a resource for couples that had a limited budget but still needed the guidance of a professional planner. So the DIY Wedding Planning Program was truly the way for me to share my expertise while allowing couples to handle their wedding day planning on their own. Imagine having a program that successfully takes you from "Yes" to "I Do" for only $39.95/month. That is exactly what this program does. You get access to the same platform I use in my full-service planning. Videos filmed by me to get you through the platform along with monthly check-in videos to be sure you are staying on track. An extensive checklist is included along with a guest tracking tool, budget tool, layout tool, and vendor tracking tool. As you get closer and closer to your wedding day, a timeline is included for you to customize and build for your wedding day.

A program that you can access anywhere you have wifi, on your phone, your tablet, or your PC. Plan your way with all the tools of a professional wedding planner. Let our expertise get you from "yes" to "I Do" by providing you with all the tools you need. Still, have questions or need to learn more? Watch this video today to learn why Penny started this program and everything that is included.

Do you know someone that needs this type of planning service? Share this blog post with them. Have any questions that you would like answered? Email the team at

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