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Essential Items to Pack for Your Wedding Photographer

Updated: Mar 20

As you prepare for your special day, ensuring your wedding photographer has all the necessary items to capture stunning flat-lay photos is crucial. In this blog post, we will explore these essential things to pack for your photographer on your wedding day. By including these items, you can help create beautiful and memorable images that will last a lifetime.

Invitation Suite

One of the first things you should pack for your photographer is your invitation suite. This includes your wedding invitation, save-the-date card, and any other paper goods related to your wedding. These items not only add a personal touch to your photos but also help set the tone for your wedding day. Your photographer can use these elements to create elegant flat-lay photos that showcase your unique style and theme.

All Three Rings

Another essential item to pack for your photographer is all three rings - the engagement ring, wedding band, and groom's ring. These rings are symbolic of your commitment and love for each other, making them a significant part of your wedding day. Including them in your photographer's shot list will allow for stunning ring shots that capture the beauty and significance of these precious pieces of jewelry.

Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms hold sentimental value and can add a touch of history and tradition to your wedding photos. Whether it's a piece of jewelry, a handkerchief, or a special accessory, including family heirlooms in your photographer's shots can create meaningful and memorable images. These items not only add depth to your photos but also help tell the story of your family and heritage.

Loose Florals from Your Florist

Incorporating loose florals from your florist into your photographer's flat-lay photos can add a pop of color and natural beauty to the images. Whether it's a small bouquet, a few scattered petals, or a delicate floral arrangement, including fresh blooms in the shots, can enhance the overall aesthetic and create a romantic and whimsical vibe.


Don't forget to pack your signature perfume for your photographer to include in the flat-lay photos. Spritzing a bit of your favorite scent on the invitation suite, rings, or other items can add a sensory element to the photos, evoking memories and emotions when you look back at them in the future. Plus, including perfume in the shots can help tie everything together and create a cohesive and harmonious composition.

By packing these essential items for your photographer on your wedding day, you can help ensure that your flat-lay photos turn out beautifully and reflect the love and joy of your special day. From the invitation suite to family heirlooms and loose florals, each item significantly creates stunning images you will cherish for years to come. So, remember to include these key items so your photographer can complete a picture-perfect wedding album.

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