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What is Full-Service Wedding Planning?

Your heart is full and your family is excited about your engagement. Questions are coming in from the left and the right about the big day and you are just trying to enjoy the moment and catch your breath. You start to think about your wedding day and begin to ask yourself, "Where do we begin?". So many couples know what they want for their wedding day, but it is getting from the "yes" day to the "I Do" day that finds many overwhelmed and then too stressed to enjoy all of the days in between. Many couples decide to find a wedding planner or coordinator to help them along the way, but even this can be confusing and needs some explanation.

As you begin to research wedding planners, you will find planners that have terms like event management, day-of coordinator, month-of coordinator, partial planning, and full-service planning. It is all enough to make your head spin. So here at Blessed Magnolia, we take a full-service planning approach to all of our wedding couples. That may leave you scratching your head wondering what is included in full-service planning. We like to say from the moment you say "yes" to our services we take charge of everything. Here is what a planning timeline with Blessed Magnolia looks like:

  • We talk about your budget. Let's be honest, wedding planning without a budget is not possible. We could find all the pretty in the world, but if the budget is not there, it is not there, and we do not want you to be disappointed with something you really like but the budget just can not swing it.

  • We talk about your vision. We take this conversation along with your budget and find the right vendors that fit your budget. The only way this is possible is because we have the experience with these vendors to know their price points and their ideal clients. Again, protecting you from being disappointed.

  • We meet every single month. When I say that I mean that we either meet in person, via zoom or via phone call to go over the checklist and things that have been done or need to be done in the next day or so after our meeting.

  • We do a follow-up email with "Next Steps". This follow-up email recaps our meeting and shares the next steps we talked about to get done prior to our next meeting. Some of these items to be done are things that we need you to follow up on, and things that we need to follow up on. However, it is a clear path to what needs to be done.

  • You have access to your own online platform with everything about your wedding in one spot. Aisle Planner is the system we use to keep it all together. Checklist, Calendar, Timeline, Design Studio, Guests, RSVP, Layouts, Vendors, Budget, and Helpful Notes.

  • At our 60-day prior meeting, we really start to pin down the final details and get the timeline tighter. We also begin RSVP assistance at they start to come in.

  • At our 30-day prior meeting, we begin to finalize all RSVPs and assist with the seating chart through out layout tool in Aisle Planner. This seating also allows us to provide a mapped-out list for the venue catering captains to know how many of each meal is needed, which tables those meals will be served to, and also helps with any dietary restrictions that need to be noted.

  • Place card or escort card assistance.

  • The final Wedding Day Detail sheet is prepared and reviewed by all necessary vendors to ensure all items are accounted for.

  • Your personal belongings that need to be placed can be shipped or stored in our office.

  • 1 Hour Rehearsal

  • Rehearsal Dinner and Welcome Reception - these can be added to our services if needed.

  • Full Wedding Day Coverage is included in our services. You will have a lead planner, as well as 2-3 day of associates. Several factors are considered when determining how many associates will be assigned to your day. (Guest count, number of vendors, ceremony in one place, reception in another, how spread out is your venue, etc.)

  • On your wedding day we place all of your personal items, ensure that your vendors arrive and set up according to plan, ensure that you and your fiance are good, and basically anything and everything that comes up during that day.

  • We pack up your personal items throughout the day and ensure that they are locked up in the designated place or taken back to our office for pick up at a later date.

  • We send you off together in bliss and loving everything that you experienced on this beautiful day in your life.

We truly love our couples here at Blessed Magnolia and never take your day lightly. We live every moment with you and understand our role as the gatekeeper, timekeeper, consoler when needed, hype person, and just overall best new friend.

Are you or someone you know ready to start planning your dream day today? Let's talk about how we handle every detail so you get to enjoy every moment.

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