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Wedding Day Shoes - What will you wear?

Wedding day shoes are always one of my favorite details of a bride's wedding day ensemble. Every bride is different and has different tastes when it comes to their wedding day shoes. Flats, little heels, tall heels, plain shoes, colored shoes, blingy shoes, and even some keds or converse.

This photo from Eighteenth Hour Photography shows a pair of pale blue low heels that this bride wanted to wear to finish her look. High heels were not her desire but she wanted a heel, so these were the perfect fit. Although Kayla had something blue, these shoes would have definitely fit the bill if she had not.

This fun photo from Eighteenth Hour Photography shows this bride's fun personality and desire to wear Converse. These were her favorite shoes and when she found a pair that matched the colors of her wedding she knew these were the ones. Anne was able to dance the night away and never worry about her feet hurting. That was truly a very important part of her decision to wear these shoes. I can tell you she absolutely danced the night away and enjoyed every moment of her day.

For Courtney, it was all about the pretty slippers. Courtney and Scott were having an intimate backyard wedding under a gorgeous tree on their property and she could not find the right pair of flats for her day. When she found these slippers, she knew that these were the right shoes for her day. This beautiful picture of her details comes from Brenna Marie Photography.

So there is no right or wrong pair of shoes to wear on your wedding day. It is just all about what your preference is and what you feel are the right shoes for you. If you should decide to go with a large or small heel, make sure you bring a change of shoes for dancing later in the evening so you can enjoy every moment of your wedding day.

Ready to talk about your wedding day? Let's set up a time to talk about see how we can help you with all the details.

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