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#1 Priority Once You Are Engaged

Congratulations! You said "Yes"! You are about to embark on a wonderful journey with your best friend and family to the most magical day of your lives to date. There are so many things that are swirling around in your head. When do we want to get married? What venue is the dream venue? How many guests will we invite? Who is going to pay for everything? How much can we spend?

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The budget is the #1 discussion that you all must sit down and have before the planning can begin. It is truly exciting for every family member once someone is engaged and we all get caught up in the emotional beauty of it all. However, until everyone sits down and has a hard discussion about the budget, you truly can not get to planning. Below are all the factors that are truly determined by the budget:

  1. Venue

  2. Guest Count

  3. Meal Choice

  4. Florals

  5. Decor

  6. Wedding Dress

  7. So much more.....

When you both sit down with your families you will have a clear picture of what can be spent on your big day. Make a list of the items that are truly important to you, things that you both feel need to be a part of your day to make it everything you dreamed of. It is also important to list those things that you both feel are not a very important part of your day. When you make these areas clear to everyone in the decision-making process, trust me it makes things go much smoother.

Whether your budget is $5,000 or $150,000 you need to have a roadmap of what everyone is comfortable paying for and what the bottom line is that you are all willing to part with to make this the day you have dreamed of. Hiring a professional wedding planner can be a huge investment, but a necessary one to keep everyone and everything on track. Not only do these professionals take your budget into consideration, but they also use this road map to determine the vendors that fit within your budget and can make the most with the budget you can work with. Here at Blessed Magnolia, we are a full-service wedding planning company and one of our first meetings with our couples is to review their vendor survey. This survey asks our couples to determine what items are the most important and which items are the least important. The answers to these questions, along with a budget review, help us to begin our recommendations for vendors.

Enjoy the moment and then sit down with your family and determine a clear budget for your wedding day. Determine who will contribute what and to what are they willing to contribute. Having these discussions upfront and right away before any planning starts will make your wedding planning so enjoyable.

Do you think you need help planning your big day? Let Blessed Magnolia lead you through the process starting with the budget talk and guiding you every step of the way. As a full-service planning company, we take pride in assisting our couples to get from "Yes" to "I Do" with a calming presence and clear mind. Let's talk today about how we can guide you through wedding planning.

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