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Full-Service Wedding Planning

What is Full-Service Wedding Planning?

Here at Blessed Magnolia, we specialize in full-service wedding planning.  Some of you may ask well exactly what is this and what is included. Anything and everything you could imagine when it comes to wedding planning can be included in your day. 


Every couple is different and no two weddings are the same.  That is why we take a boutique-style approach to wedding planning.   Curating a proposal based on our initial consultation where we dig deep into how you envision your day unfolding.  We take into consideration everything that it will take to get you to that day and all the hours that will go behind ensuring every item is handled.

So sit back and enjoy every moment of your engagement time.  The team is here to handle all the details of planning and ensure that every moment on your wedding day captures the love that the two of you share.


Our Process



Logistics & Planning

There are hours of planning that go into the background of making an event look seamless.  It is understanding this process that makes Blessed Magnolia the professional that is the right choice for your big day.   Navigating all of your vendors to perform the dance that it takes to make your day seem like a work of art and curating the perfect timeline that makes each moment feel more magical than the one before.



We will sit down and discuss your day beginning with the moment you wake up on your wedding day, to the moment you and your groom are whisked away at the end of the evening.  We take all those dreams and visions to begin the design process.  Just like there are no two couples the same,  neither are there two events the same.  We take great pride in making your day all about the two of you and the vision you have.



All of the hard work in preparing for your big day is over.  Planning and strategizing for every possible scenario, we are ready to bring it all together on one glorious day.  We oversee the entire production from start to finish.  Ensure that all of your vendors are ready to go and ready to serve you, your family, and your friends.   Be our guests during your day and let us pamper you every step of the way.

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