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As a wedding professional, I understand the reasons you started your business.  Your love of the creative zone.  Your love of being client-focused.  Your love of helping your couples get from "Yes" to "I Do".

Being in the wedding and events industry for the last 12 years I understand how rewarding it is for a wedding day to arrive and everything just seems to effortlessly fall into place.  However, you and I both know that this did not just happen.  It happened because you spent hours on the back-end making sure you cover every scenario, you verified every vendor requirement, you built a timeline with wiggle room for anticipated issues, and had many sleepless nights making sure you didn't miss anything.  You do this because you love what you do, you love ensuring that your couples have a flawless and stress-free day.  Let's face it, we are perfectionists that have learned how to bend and sway with anything that comes our way.  However, feeling like we have gotten further and further from the reasons we started this business in the first place.

Are you feeling like you are struggling between the creative, client-focused part of your business and the administrative tasks it takes to make it all happen?

Are you starting to feel like you need to hire an assistant but not sure that you could give them full-time hours? 


Blessed Magnolia Creative Management is here to help you as a Virtual Assistant to handle these administrative duties.  We will meet to determine what duties you would like assistance with and see how Blessed Magnolia can handle these items.  During this meeting, we will discuss if you are in need of help to set-up more automation for your workflow or if you are in need of a VA for 5, 10, 15, or 20 hours or more per month.

Your investment to get you back to the creative is just $30/hour.  

I invite you to request a meeting with me so we can discuss how to find a solution to get you back to your creative and client-focused business. 

Blessed Magnolia is a full-service event planner located in Ocala, Florida.

Contact Penny Baird today to see how she can help make your dreams come true!

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