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Solutions for
Wedding Professionals
that use Aisle Planner!

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Hello Wedding Professional!!!

As a wedding planner, we get you!  Tired, Overwhelmed, Always working, Trying to do it all!

Well, stop!!  Your Aisle Planner expert is here to help you with all the things to keep you client-facing.  We help you get rid of the overwhelm by handling the admin items within Aisle Planner.


Here at Blessed Magnolia, we use Aisle Planner every day in our planning business so we understand the platform inside and out.  We help wedding professionals like yourself with the following items:

  • Client Onboarding/Offboarding

  • Creating Contacts on your main screen

  • Importing Contracts into each contact within a project

  • Guest List Assistance

  • Questionnaires and Invoice emails with templates

  • Timeline Preparation Assistance

  • Timeline Filtering

You are probably thinking, "Why would I have someone do these items that only take a few minutes for me to do?"  Right, we get it but think about all the few minutes you spend on a file every time you touch it.  

What if we told you that 5 hours a month in VA service could give you back what seems like 10 hours a month of your time?  By simply forwarding emails to us from vendors or couples, we take the information and plug it into your project for you, giving you the time to deal with the email and the questions without taking another step of putting things into your CRM.  Imagine if your couple has that guest list in a word or excel spreadsheet and you need it converted into the AP template, send it to us and we get it done.  There are so many more examples that we could use but you get the point.  

Stop thinking you can do it all and let someone who knows the system and understands how to think like a planner.  Check out our options below to help you get your time back.

  • 5 Hour minimum retainer with a 3-month commitment.  $300

  • 10 Hour minimum retainer with a 3-month commitment. $550 

Love Aisle Planner but not sure if you have it set up to its fullest potential.  Would you like to have someone audit the platform to be sure it is all there?  Let's talk today to get more information about this process or click here to read more.

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