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Social Media Management

We have the know-how you need.

We have you!

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You have a wedding business to run.  Vendors to manage, timelines to create, inquiries to respond to, couples to help make their wedding day dreams come true, and social media posting to keep showing off all that you do.

How does a wedding professional do it all?  The answer to this question is that they have a great team of professionals helping them to keep everything on track and running smoothly.  However, you are not sure you are ready to hire a team.  What is a wedding pro to do?

Well, Blessed Magnolia has a team of virtual assistants to support all of your hourly needs as well as your social media needs.  Our team of  VA's consists of those that specialize in social media management, posting, blogging, hashtag research, content creation, and engagement on your social media accounts.

We also offer one-time services, that include but not limited to, audits of your social media accounts and setting up your social media accounts.

Let's talk today and find a way to get you back to the creative with your clients.  The investment will give you back the time you deserve.

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