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Your Wedding Day - It's Here!

It's the day you have waited for all your life. You dreamed about it, waited to meet your Prince Charming, bought the most amazing dress, have the most beautiful flowers, have the cake of your dreams, dance to your favorite love song and watch your parents as they cry with joy over the love that you had found.

Sounds great doesn't it. If every day were like a fairy tale, weddings would be easy. The fairy godmother would just come riding in on the stars and make sure everything was taken care of in the snap of her fingers. Oh, wait a minute, I meant with a swooshing of her magic wand.

Well when you hire a wedding coordinator that is professional and pays special attention to detail it will feel like you have a fairy godmother in your corner. You want your wedding day to be the day of your dreams, and a good wedding coordinator should give you just that. Before you think that you can not afford a coordinator or think you do not need one, consider the following things:

1. Do you have contacts with local wedding vendors?

Did you know that a wedding coordinator with good contacts may be able to help you get better pricing on items such as catering, dj, photography, florist, cake, etc....

2. Are you doing a lot of DIY?

While DIY is great at saving money, who is going to put everything together for you on your big day? You are the bride, you have a job that day. Your mom has a very important job that day, supporting you. Your family members, while eager to help out, should enjoy this moment with you as well.

3. Who is setting up the church, reception, flowers, food, music, etc?

When you hire a wedding coordinator they take responsibility to ensure that all items are set up and ready to go. The only thing you need to worry about is getting married and enjoying this moment.

Take time to research local wedding coordinators, set up a meeting to find out if you get the feeling that he or she will take care of you every step of the way and find out what type of experience they have and ask for reviews or referrals from former clients.

Sit back and enjoy your wedding day, you have hired someone to do the hard work for you and your family. It looks like you have your fairy godmother after all.

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