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Why You Need a Wedding Planner

It was the last wedding of the season and it was a true grand finale for every vendor involved. A large tented event on private property with many vendors and many moving parts to bring it all together. The installation timeline was a week-long event all by itself. So many things had to be perfectly planned in order to ensure that the next installation could happen at its scheduled time to keep everything on track. Well, mother nature had her own idea of how things should go. It rained all week, during the three-tent installation, the power installation, and the lighting installation. It was about 36 hours before the wedding and the tents flooded with anywhere from 2 - 6" of water. The stage and dance floor had already been placed and were now underwater.

At that moment we had to step into our role as the wedding planner and ensure that this issue was resolved and fixed. Moving the tents to a different location that was dryer on the site was our first thought, but the time frame we were left with did not make this a viable option. Our option was to add a subfloor to the tent, but even that was not a guarantee. We knew that the rain was scheduled to stop overnight and remain beautiful for the rest of the weekend. This left us with the hope that the ground flooding would resolve enough for the floor to be the best option. We presented the plan to our couple that we must add the subfloor in order to salvage the use of the tents. Placing tables on this muddy ground was not an option as their stability would be in question and the liability this would hold on them for their guests' safety is something we would highly advise against. Luckily we had a couple that the budget was available to add the flooring to all the tents. However, we now had to get the vendor teams to work around the clock to add this feature and ensure that all the decor teams that were arriving on the wedding day had things ready for them to begin their installs.

The timeline was adjusted and phone calls were made to every vendor to let them know of the issues and the adjustments we would all have to make the day of the wedding to bring it all together. As a team, we all worked together to bring the vision to life. It was truly a beautiful and magical day. The guests never knew that there were any issues just 36 hours prior and spoke highly of how beautiful everything was. Thank you to Eighteenth Hour Photography for these beautiful photos from this amazing day.

As a wedding planner, this is why I always suggest having a professional behind you for your wedding day. You never know when things will happen that will require many different solutions and adjustments to be made quickly. I would never want a couple to be left with the stress of making this happen 36 hours before their wedding day.

Are you getting ready to start wedding planning? Do you want to make sure that every item is handled, taken care of, and planned? Head on over to Blessed Magnolia's full-services page to learn more about how we make it all happen. Don't try to go it alone, let Blessed Magnolia get you from "Yes" to "I Do". Let's talk today about your dream day and what it will take to get you there.

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