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Wedding Planning: Full Service vs. Day of Coordination

Congratulations on your engagement! This is a very exciting time in your life. You and your partner are thinking about all the things that you want your wedding day to hold, but are a little lost on the process to get you there. No doubt you will consider whether or not to hire a wedding planner or simply feel like you have great support and can do it all yourself. Many people consider a wedding planner and some think about hiring a day-of coordinator. Have you found yourself asking what would the difference be?

In this week's blog, we will talk about the difference between these two very important people in the planning stages of your wedding.

First, let's talk about a Day-of Coordinator. This professional is there for you just like it sounds, on your wedding day and no other. However, they will want to begin conversations with you about 8 weeks prior to your big day. This will allow them time to look over all of your plans, coordinate vendors, prepare a timeline (if this is part of their service), and have a discussion with you about your needs for this day. This is typically the decision for couples that have time to do many things by themselves but would like someone there on the day of their wedding to handle things so they can enjoy the moment. Below is a list of items that they will need in order to properly coordinate your day and manage all of your vendors:

  • Provide a list of all the vendors you are using for your day, along with contact information.

  • Provide a copy of each contract for those vendors for review.

  • Provide a copy of the layout you have selected from the venue.

  • Provide a list of all the personal items you will be bringing on the day of your wedding for this coordinator to place out for you.

  • Provide pictures of the centerpiece inspiration or mock-up that you have done, if you are doing DIY decor. (That is if this coordinator has agreed to decorate for you)

  • Have a clear understanding of what role this day of coordinator is going to do for you.

  • Will they just manage the vendors, make sure they set up, tear down, etc.

  • Or will they be there to decorate, make sure vendors show up, prepare a timeline for your day, assist any vendor that may require assistance, etc?

Now let's talk about a wedding planner. Most wedding planners consider themselves full-service planners. They are brought into your wedding planning at the beginning of the process to help guide you and give you advice on every aspect of your day and remain with you until your wedding day is complete.

Their specialty is listening. Listening to their client's wants and needs is a top priority. Typically they help you start with your budget, determining who will be responsible for what and realistically what the budget is for your big day. Knowing your budget helps your planner with decisions about design, decor, florals, food, etc. This also helps you determine what are the non-negotiables for your day. Those things that you are willing to spend the money on and those things that really do not mean that much to you. Trust me, every couple has them. For some couples, it is all about the food, and for some, it is all about the florals. Everyone has a different taste, a different dream, and a different budget to guide them. A full-service wedding planner knows how to guide you through the process and steer the ship in the right direction. These planners stay with you from "Yes" until "I Do" and hold your hand throughout the entire process.

No matter the direction you choose to go in your wedding planning process, know that there are professionals out there to help guide you and be there to make your day everything you dreamed it would be. Whether your budget has room for a day-of coordinator or a full-service wedding planner, we highly recommend considering one of these choices. You will not regret making the decision and will make your day much more enjoyable knowing everything is being handled.

Blessed Magnolia is a full-service wedding planning company. We take great pride in helping our couples navigate the entire wedding planning process and ensure that their day is everything they hoped it to be. Want to learn more, simply click on the link below to get more information.

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