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Wedding Day - Plan B

Your wedding day is something you dream about from the day you say "Yes" until the day you say "I Do"! All of the hours that you have spent planning this glorious moment, the details that you ensured you thought of, the people that you have enlisted to help make it happen, and thinking of every scenario to have success. What happens when the rain comes? Have you thought of your Plan B? The one scenario we all tend to just keep pushing to the back of our minds, as we are truly don't want to think that it will happen on our day.

When you hire a wedding planner, "Plan B" is the first thing they start to think about when they are listening to your dreams for your big day. They strive to ensure that your dreams come to fruition inside Plan B so you don't sacrifice anything on your day. Their goal is that you do not have to think about the impending weather, you just think about marrying the love of your life and enjoying every minute of the day.

The images linked to this post are from Shelby and Matthew's big day. Their original wedding day was transformed into an intimate backyard wedding. However, it was their dream to celebrate with family and friends and have the wedding of their dreams. Shelby knew that she would not go it alone for this big celebration and hired Blessed Magnolia to ensure that everything came to life. The big day came and so did the rain, leaving us with Plan B, and pulling off a magical moment to make their dreams come true. We were so honored to be a part of this day and ensure that they did not worry about anything except each other.

Enjoy these images of this breathtaking day!

Photos courtesy of Eighteenth Hour Photography

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