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Three things to do for your clients during COVID-19

During this time of social distancing and staying at home, it is very important that as business owners we stay in contact with our clients. Taking the time to share stories from your daily life will help them feel as if they are still connected and staying in the know.

~Contact your clients

There are a number of means to stay in contact with your clients; Social media, online meetings or email marketing.

For your repeat clients, you have their contact information, pick up the phone call them and check on them. Imagine what that would mean for your future business-client relationship to know that you made a direct phone call to them during the pandemic.

Let them know what is happening with your business during this time. Did you have to shut down due to non-essential services or are you an essential service that was able to stay open?

~Share your success stories or your fears

If you have had some success stories share them with your clients. Maybe you had to close-down but were able to help your local community with a fundraising effort or took things into your own hands and did something that did not get any local attention. Your clients may be looking for new ways to help the community as well and this would be something they could get involved in.

You have fears about your business and your faithful clients have been there for you along the way. Share your fears, hopes and aspirations. This will help deepen the relationships that you have with your clients, as they may be feeling the same things but too afraid to express them. It is ok to be fearful of what may come, but still have a positive outlook on the future.

~Create clever ways for your clients to still support you

Share the ways you are helping your local community as a business owner and invite them to do the same.

Create hours that you are open for business but in clever and safe ways. Do drive-up pre-order sales, schedule the time for your client to pick up their order, take payment online or over the phone. Social Media can become a best friend to any business during this time when we are not allowed to be in direct contact with anyone.

During these very uncertain times, like you, I am ready to get back to work and have meaningful conversations with my clients. We are ready to open our doors and welcome them back in with a smile and ask about their families. Don’t let this time of social distancing stop you from doing those things. As business owners we have to find new ways to open the door with a smile. Pick up the phone, send an email or message on social media to see how your clients are doing. Make an impression that will last far beyond this pandemic and help secure your business for the future.

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