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The After Party...Party

The ceremony is over, you made it down the aisle without tripping, the groom did not pass out and Aunt Betsy did not stand up and give every reason why this marriage should not happen. Thank goodness. You get to the reception and everyone is there waiting on you. Family that lives in town, lives out-of-town, friends you see all the time and friends you have not seen in forever. You are moved from one side of the room to the other, greeting and speaking to everyone you can. All along all you can think about is eating and dancing.

These days brides and grooms are enjoying their ceremony and their reception and just when you think the night is over, they are moving to the after party, party! It is the biggest thing happening now. Brides and Grooms are hiring transportation to take their closest friends from the reception to the after party to finally let their hair down and celebrate their wedding into the wee hours of the night. Please note, it is not because they did not enjoy the reception, there are just a lot of guests there that the bride and groom just do not know and need a place to just be with their closest friends.

Brides and Grooms are truly getting creative and very intimate with their weddings and the experience they are giving to their guests. The thoughtfulness they give to everyone attending is truly exceptional, from a more traditional wedding for those that would enjoy that experience to the new after party, party.

Enjoy every moment of your big day and make it the experience that you both want. It is a memory that will last a lifetime.

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