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Staying Home to Entertain

We recently were hosting a couple of friends over for dinner and I wanted to make it special.  However, cooking was not something that I wanted to do and ordered from one of our local favorites.  Doing this made me feel like I am still supporting them but keeping myself comfortable with the choice to stay home. 

In order to make it special I wanted to set the table with elegance and softness. So I put on the linen, dressed the table with pretty tableware and placed the candles on the table. I stepped back and realized there was still something missing. I originally had clear wine glasses on the table and changed them out to the colored goblets. What a difference that made. Instead of the normal utensils, I found my set of gold utensils which really set off the colored goblets. I stepped back once again to realize something was still missing. The napkins with the new flower rings I had just purchased were perfect. However, there was still something missing. I walked outside to my mother's magnolia tree and pulled a few branches to place around the candlesticks. Wow, there it was, a finished product.

Do you have everything to dress a table or make a moment more special? If not, call Blessed Magnolia today to see how we can set the table pretty, and make your moment more than you thought it could be.

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