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Perfecting the Vendor Dance

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

As a wedding pro, you understand what a perfectly perfected vendor dance would mean. It means that the planner has taken the time to coordinate all the vendors, get their day-of timeline needs, and understand each vendor's role in orchestrating the smooth event. This by no means is an easy task and it is very time-consuming, to say the least.

I recently coordinated a wedding where every vendor had worked together previously. You could tell the moment another vendor walked in the room the relationships that had been built and how they seamlessly were able to weave in and out of each other's way to bring every moment to life. For a moment, I thought we were headed for a train wreck with one seeming to be in the other's way, but like magic, they just knew the ebb and flow of how the other worked, and viola the dance began. Linking this perfecting of the dance to their past relationships was definitely one connection, but taking the time to keep everyone on the same page and in the know with the timeline was definitely another.

As both a planner and a virtual assistant for wedding professionals, I cherish my relationships with the vendors that know what it takes to bring a couples day to life. Ensuring that every vendor does their part is one of the most important aspects of the day, outside of getting the couple to the ceremony on time. The time that goes into coordinating the vendors alone is something that accounts for many hours of the planning process.

What can you do as a pro to get some of that time back? Below are three steps you can do to get back some of those precious planning hours:

  1. Outsource Vendor Coordination to a Virtual Assistant

  2. Clearly define what role you want the virtual assistant to play

  3. Pour that glass of wine, or whatever celebratory drink you would have because you just gained some creative time with your client.

Before hiring a virtual assistant, make sure that they are familiar with the wedding industry. Your wedding business deserves to have someone that understands what it takes to walk in your shoes. Someone that has built relationships with vendors, has been successful in planning weddings and has an overall understanding of the pressure you are under to make a couple's day perfect.

If you would like to learn more about how Blessed Magnolia Creative Management can help you with your virtual assistant needs, contact us today to schedule a call.

photography credit: Katelyn Virginia Photography, Ocala, FL

catering: Mojo Grill and Catering, Ocala, FL

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