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Ocala Weddings -Perfect Venues for Your Day

Do you want to get married inside or outside? If inside, how many guests can the venue accommodate? If outside, what time of the year brings the best weather? Will the ceremony and reception be at the same venue? These are just a few of the questions you may consider when choosing the perfect place for your day. With endless possibilities, the decision may seem difficult to make and you may wonder if there even is that perfect place that meets all of your needs for your dream wedding – we’re here to tell you there is! Nestled in the heart of north central Florida is the town of Ocala, a hidden gem for Brides of every style! Conveniently enough, Ocala is central to almost anything you can imagine without the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities surrounding it. It is home to numerous venues with an elegant, modern ambiance, but also those with a charming, rustic feel. 

Some of the most popular, but also some of our favorite, local venues to work with include Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, the World Equestrian Center, and Protea Weddings and Events. Given the unique and somewhat unpredictable weather in Florida, something that is noteworthy for each of these venues is that they all offer indoor and outdoor options.

Golden Ocala is a luxurious choice, with the option to create a custom catering menu and accommodations for guests on site.

Photo Credit: Maudie Lucas Photography

The World Equestrian Center is a newer option, and whether you choose the chapel, the Equestrian Hotel, the Rose Garden, or the Event Center (coming in 2025), it boasts an elegant yet timeless ambiance. This venue offers various reception packages, based on your personal needs, each with delicious menu options. There are also on-site guest accommodations available here.

Photo Credit: Eighteenth Hour Photo

Protea comprises a beautiful farm with a historic, 200-year-old barn. The barn hosts all of today’s conveniences with a main hall, a Bridal suite, a Groom’s loft, a kitchen for caterers, as well as an outdoor bar for cocktail hour.

Photo credit: Eleven Eleven Imagery

Regardless of what venue choose, there is something for everyone and you cannot go wrong with any of these beautiful venues! Choosing a location and a venue are arguably the most daunting tasks of planning your day. Whether you are newly engaged or have already started planning your day, let us take some of the stress away! There are so many benefits to working with Blessed Magnolia, the first being the ease of planning. Working with a team who is so familiar with the area and its local vendors and amenities eliminates the overwhelm in the decision-making process, and enables us to match you with trusted vendors who complement your style. Secondly, we have an eye for detail and a planning process that ensures even the smallest of those details are not forgotten! We work very closely with our couples to ensure your day is a reflection of you and your spouse-to-be, and this all starts with picking the perfect venue! Contact us today so we can help make your vision a reality!

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