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Knowing the Right Vendors for Your Wedding Day

You are engaged! You are ready to start planning your big day but where do you start? Do you know what vendors are the best to take care of you and your needs? You ask your friends, relatives, and start doing social media searches for vendors in your area to help make your day everything. But wait, do you know that these are the right vendors, have you vetted them to be sure that their reviews are accurate? What are you to do, where are you to begin?

The first vendor in that search should be a professional wedding planner. When you hire a professional wedding planner, you can bet that this individual has done the vetting for you. Most planners will recommend vendors to you only after you have had a meeting or two with them. They take your thoughts, dreams, moments of the day, and every detail you have shared and use that information to recommend the perfect vendors to make your dreams come true. The experience that a professional planner brings to your day makes it a stress-free process. This includes the time spent with vendors, watching them work, understanding their process, their pricing, as well as their ethical practices when it comes to working with couples. All of this information is important to a planner when recommending the right vendor your way.

It truly pays to consider a wedding planner when you are in the beginning stages of planning. This professional will guide you through the entire process, ensure that you select the must-have vendors first. After those important vendors are secured, the planner will then start to work through all the needs and details of your day to ensure you get the best vendors to make it all happen.

While working my last couple's wedding day, it was truly evident to me that we had secured the correct vendors to make their dreams come true. They had a pole barn that they wanted to completely convert to the wedding day of their dreams. Below are the images of the design process we went through when they were describing what their desired look was.

Below was the final look! Finding the right planner can only help you find the right vendors to make your dream day come true.

Blessed Magnolia is a full-service wedding planner. We specialize in serving those couples that want to be a part of every process of their day but are busy professionals that need the assistance of a full-service planner to keep it all together. Set up a time for us to talk today to see how we can help you have the wedding of your dreams and connect you to the vendors to make it all come true.

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