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In an instant - everything changed

It was my first wedding back since the start of COVID. I could not wait and at the same time was so nervous. It had been so long since we had done weddings, events, or anything that would bring people together. I found myself during our time of shut down questioning why I started this business and did I make the right choice leaving the great job I had where I was sure to retire from. The day arrived and I knew it was right.

When you are an event professional, everything in your blood tells you that you live for the moment when everything seems to be in chaos. Funny that we would admit to that, but it is so true. We know how to take the chaos and turn it into productive positive motion. We know how to calm the masses and ensure them that everything is going to be ok and they should not worry about anything.

This first wedding back was nothing short of just that. I delivered the flowers to the bride that morning and I knew that she had been watching the weather, as her wedding was outside and there was a high chance of rain that day. Now, as a wedding professional, you know that Plan B is always front of mind and you do your best to ensure that your couple does not worry about the weather at all. The first thing I said to her after I told her how beautiful she looked, was to stop watching the weather, I have it all under control. We had already talked about what would happen if it rained and where the ceremony would be. She laughed and said, "Okay, you got it".

That moment changed the entire day for me. It let me realize that I had chosen the right path opening Blessed Magnolia, as it was my dream that I could ensure any couple that worked with me would have their day stress-free. I am so grateful to Zac and Tayler for choosing me to be their planner and letting me give them a stress-free and great day. Yes, it did rain (only during the ceremony time) and their ceremony was moved undercover, it was beautiful and everything they hoped it would be.

As a planner, when you have moments of doubt, which you will, go back and remember those weddings or events where something happened to give you great joy and made you realize why you do what you do.

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