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Family Estate Tented Wedding

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Tented weddings are a great option for couples that want to host their special day on family property. Enjoying their wedding day with family and friends at a place that has so much meaning to so many in attendance, is a dream come true for many couples. However, planning a tented wedding comes with a special set of logistical items to consider. Hayly and Richard wanted to have their wedding at her grandparent's family estate under the 400+-year-old oak tree and tented reception. The obstacles in this area of the property were there was no power, no water, and no restroom nearby. Not to mention the location was also at the back of the 100+ acre estate.

The canvas was beautiful but ensuring that you have all the necessary items to make this area of the property enjoyable for their guests takes a partnership with vendors that understand this task completely. While Hayly and Richard had already contracted with some of their vendors, we needed to bring in the decor team that would help bring us to the finish line. Working closely together with your decor and floral teams allows for the vision to come to life.

Working closely with these vendors allows you to highlight what nature has given us and make it a magical place for your guests to enjoy your nuptials. The reception space was very important to Hayly and Richard, they wanted it to be formal, and elegant, as well as a great place to hang out with your closest family and friends. Every vendor understood their assignment and created an amazing space.

Understanding the space and all the things that were needed to create the perfect tented wedding is very important. Below is a list of all the things that we had to take into account when handling a full build-out for an event of this type.

  • Power - generators to handle everything that was on-site, this included lighting, warmer for the caterer, entertainment, and portable restrooms.

  • Tent - there are many different types of tents and ensuring that you get the tent that fits your look is important

  • Tent Walls - it was a very cold and sometimes rainy day, so we knew we would have to add walls to make sure the guests were comfortable and dry. We opted for clear walls to keep the elegant feel and only covered the side of the tent where the winds were most prevalent.

  • Portable Restroom Trailer - we needed to ensure we had restrooms close to the reception space and ones that were also nice for such an elegant event. Power is needed for these restroom trailers, as well as water. Knowing that we did not have water, we had to relay that message to the company to ensure that the water tanks were full for the event.

  • Catering work station - this was one of my favorite logistical pieces that Party Time Rentals created for this event. They created a wood wall that fit at one end of the tent where the catering team could set up their work station, along with a warmer to serve the plated meal.

  • Bar - creating a bar area where you are able to conceal the coolers with ice and supplies is crucial to keeping the elegant look and feel. Marion Mobile Bar and Bubbles created the perfect bar space.

  • Entertainment - knowing that there was no power took some extra planning on the part of the DJ. DJ Karim handled the ceremony with a battery powered speaker and worked closely to let us know his electrical needs for the reception space.

  • Photography - communication with the photographer about the space and distance between the getting ready location, ceremony location and reception location was important. Understanding that the celebration was on a vast 100+acre property makes a difference when thinking about the timeline needs to capture all the best photos.

  • Decor - creating a space that had all the elements that Hayly and Richard wanted required site visits and communication about the obstacles and requirements that would be needed to make it all happen.

To host the perfect tented wedding it takes a team of professionals that understand all the logistics that goes into creating and building out this type of event. This day would not have been possible without all the great vendors that worked so hard to make it come to life:

Planning: Blessed Magnolia

Photographer: KT Crabb Photography

Large Scale Rentals/Decor: Party Time Rentals

Entertainment: DJ Karim

Beauty Team: Lauren Dove and Salon 209 (Kelley)

Restroom Trailer: Sound Exchange

Are you considering hosting a tented wedding? Blessed Magnolia is a full-service wedding planning company that can help you with all the logistical challenges that comes with a tented wedding or event. Give us a call today and let's get your celebration planning started.

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