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A Black and White Soiree for Colby & Connor

Colby's passion for the timeless "Black and White" theme she had dreamed of for their special day found its ideal canvas at the luxurious Golden Ocala venue. The grand ballroom, adorned with opulent black marble floors, pristine white walls adorned with exquisite trim work, plush black velvet drapery, and breathtaking chandeliers, was a vision of elegance. Every facet of this remarkable day exuded beauty, and within the enchanting ambiance of Golden Ocala, it effortlessly transformed into the elegant celebration that Colby and Connor had envisioned.

The day commenced with the ladies' gathering at The Equestrian Hotel, where a team of expert stylists worked their magic, creating stunning hair and makeup looks for the bride, her seven attendants, and the mothers of the bride and groom. Meanwhile, the gentlemen embarked on their own adventure, hitting the golf course at Golden Ocala, indulging in a leisurely lunch, and preparing for the festivities in the distinguished Governor's Room within the clubhouse.

Colby and Connor cherished the idea of a "first touch" rather than a "first look." With great anticipation, Connor arrived at The Equestrian and was guided to the Rose Garden, where he eagerly awaited the moment he could feel Colby's hand, a precursor to their upcoming "I Do"s. In a heartfelt addition to this precious moment, Connor's nana arrived to offer her blessings and prayers for both of them. It was undeniably one of the most profoundly touching moments we've had the privilege to witness.

Their garden wedding was a vision of natural beauty, adorned with aisle floral arrangements and magnificent free-standing floral columns framing the altar. Among the most anticipated moments of Colby and Connor's special day was their heartfelt first encounter as she walked down the aisle. As they exchanged their heartfelt, personalized vows, not a single dry eye could be found among the gathered guests, for their profound love for one another resonated deeply with all who were in attendance.

The reception commenced with a spectacular entrance by the bridal party, leading the way for the newlyweds, Colby and Connor, who followed suit. Inside the ballroom, a breathtaking transformation had taken place, with the aisle florals now adorning tall towers on each table, surrounded by the warm glow of candlelight. The free-standing floral columns found new life as exquisite decorations behind the sweetheart table. At each place setting, guests discovered heartfelt thank-you notes from the couple, expressing their gratitude for sharing in this cherished moment. The seating chart sign was a work of art, and the special photo backdrop, aptly named "The Criles," provided an ideal setting for capturing memorable moments of the bride and groom.

As dinner concluded, the real celebration ignited. DJ Staz from Our DJ Rocks took command of the music, ensuring the dance floor remained alive and vibrant throughout the evening. From the gleaming, light-up cowboy hats to the dazzling, illuminated foam dance wands, everyone reveled in the festivities, dancing the night away alongside The Criles. This was unquestionably a wedding that will forever hold a special place in our memories. Thank you to Catherine Coons for capturing all of these special moments.

Is a Golden Ocala wedding your dream? Allow our dedicated team to guide you in transforming this magnificent venue into the perfect backdrop for your special day. At Blessed Magnolia, we specialize in comprehensive wedding planning, promising a seamless, elegant, and sophisticated experience throughout your planning journey. Let's turn your dream into a breathtaking reality.

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