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5 Ways to Make Your Intimate Wedding Shine

Intimate home weddings are becoming a more normal scene for couples trying to get married this spring and summer. So many couples have had to decide whether to delay their big moment, or take it all in stride and focus on the smaller more intimate event. There is no doubt many vendors have had to reimagine the event and help those couples find the beauty and wonder in something on a much smaller scale. I will say that couples have found them to be truly extraordinary and way above their expectations. Below are just five (5) ways you can make your moment more than you expected when you have to make the hard choice to scale it down.

  1. Do you have an amazing wall, fireplace or special corner in your home that would make an amazing backdrop to your sweetheart table? Use this area to house your small table and decorate it as if you were in the big hall. Make that area just as beautiful as you were hoping it would be. If you don't have this special area, create it with pipe and draping.

  2. If you have an amazing backyard or garden area, use this area for the ceremony. Use your garden seating for your family that is attending and watch how this beautiful area comes to life with very subtle touches.

  3. Bring in a small tent to cover an area where you could easily put two or three tables to keep your guests in attendance comfortable, yet socially distant respecting the recommended guidelines.

  4. Set up food stations throughout your home and outside. This way your guests will not have to stand in line and be able to float throughout.

  5. Hire a wedding planner to ensure that everything is handled. This is a beautiful moment for you and your family, no matter the choice you have to make with regards to size. Enjoy each and every minute and leave the details and the work to a planner.

No matter the reason you may have to scale down your big day, know that there are always options to make it everything you dreamed it would be. If Blessed Magnolia can help you in anyway when you are making these hard choices, please let us know. We are here to ensure that every family has the special moments that they dream of and make sure that all the details come together.

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