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5 Things You Must Have for Wedding Detail Shots

Ok, so you have made it through the planning stages of your engagement and are ready for the big day. But hold on for just a minute, there are so many things to remember to pack for the wedding day to ensure that you have everything. There was something that my photographer told me to have so they could take those amazing detail shots, but what were they.

As couples start to get close to their wedding day, nerves and excitement start to set in. Feeling a little overwhelmed is very common and all the little things that need to get done the week of your wedding seem like a little much. Hopefully, you have hired a professional wedding planner to get you through all these times where you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. However, if you did not, I am here today to share with you the packing list of the items you will need to have to get those amazing detail shots you see on Pinterest.

  1. Invitation Suite - bring everything that you used for your invitations including your save the date card

  2. Rings - of course, you need those for the big day, but make sure the bride has all the rings for these shots.

  3. Jewelry - any jewelry that you may be wearing on this day really makes those detail shots amazing.

  4. Florals - make sure your florist brings a few extra flowers for these shots. Also, make sure your bouquet is being delivered in time to make it for these shots as well. Bouquets work great for the placement of your rings, for some amazing detail shots.

  5. Ribbon or material - you would be amazed at what a piece of material or ribbon in the colors of your wedding will do for your detail shots.

While there are many other things that you could bring for your detail shots these are the must-haves so that you end up with some amazing pictures of these items. If you are still unsure about items that you should pack for your wedding day, click here to get a free copy of my wedding day packing list that I give to all of my brides to ensure they are ready.

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