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5 Steps to Outsource Your Pain Points

The fall wedding season is on the horizon. As wedding professionals, we are going to experience a boom that we have not seen in some time. So before that season is upon us, we need to think about our workflow and those areas that are truly the pain points that stop us from being productive. Below are 5 steps to prepare yourself to outsource these areas to get you back to your clients.

  1. Write down those items in your daily work that are necessary but take time from your clients.

  2. Group these items by task. (ie. CRM work, Social Media, Content Writing, Bookkeeping, etc.)

  3. Prioritize these items by the order of importance you need to take care of vs. those items you would like to consider outsourcing.

  4. Research professionals that can help with the items that you feel you need the most assistance with. Use Clubhouse, Facebook Groups, or referrals from other professionals to assist you in your search.

  5. Schedule a consultation to determine if the cost of outsourcing these items is worth the time you gain.

A professional that is ready to handle your outsourced items should have a clear and precise onboarding process that makes this transition easy for you. Take these 5 steps today to get back to your clients and to get back to the reason you started your business in the first place. Don't waste your time on items in your day that take away from your client experience.

If you would like to talk about a virtual assistant or OBM assistance for your wedding business, let's schedule a time to talk today.

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