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5 Steps to Booking Couples

You did it, you got your first inquiry, and now feel overwhelmed at the process to close the sale. This process does not have to be overwhelming as there are 5 steps to get a client from inquiry to contract. Once you write these steps down and follow them each and every time you talk with a client, you will watch your sales process become easier and easier.

  1. Inquiry

  2. Conversation or Sales Call

  3. Proposal

  4. Acceptance

  5. Contract or Close the sale

*Inquiry - take the time to make notes about the information the client took the time to give you. If your inquiry process lets them give you information, be respectful of their time and know your client before you call.

*Conversation or Sales Call - you have done your homework, studied anything that the client has given you in advance from the inquiry, and feel confident that you are ready to speak about what you do and ensure them that you can handle their big moment.

*Proposal - be prompt in getting a proposal to the client. If it is going to take you a week to get a proposal to the client, tell them that. Don't say you will get it right over to them and then it takes many days before they receive it. This will leave a client wondering if you could even handle a deadline when presented with one. Be open and honest about the time frame. Make it clear when you will get it done and earn their trust right away.

*Acceptance - Congratulations you have made it past the hardest part, the proposal. Once a client accepts your proposal with or without conditions, get to contract right away so you can begin working to make their day fabulous.

*Contract - Even though it feels like a victory to send out the contract, sometimes clients do not sign them right away. If you require that a contract be signed in a certain number of days, you have to let them know that upfront so they have the urgency needed to get it signed. Clients have to be held accountable to your expectations as well. Don't be scared to be clear about your deadlines. Trust me a client will not be scared to present you with theirs.

Write down your sales process in steps 1 - 5 as I have them above. Make a script that you follow every time you have an inquiry. Once you have established the flow for you and your business, it will amaze you how easy this process becomes over time. Guess what you just wrote your first SOP, standard operating procedure. Congratulations and happy planning.

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