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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Booking a Wedding Planner

Engagement season is just around the corner and many couples will begin to think about their wedding day. They may also consider hiring a wedding planner to keep them organized, and on track, and help them know the things that they don't know. So before you hire a planner here are 5 questions that you need to ask to ensure that they will be by your side from start to finish.

  1. How many times can we meet during the planning stages?

  2. Do you help us find all of our vendors?

  3. What is included with your services?

  4. Do you handle our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner?

  5. Are you there for the entire wedding day?

How many times can we meet during the planning stages?

  • Depending on the type of planner you are looking for this answer can vary. If you are looking for a month of coordinator (typically known as a day of coordinator), they do not typically start meeting with you until 60-90 days before the wedding. They are assuming you have all the planning under control and are looking for someone to come in at the end and wrap it all up for you and handle their day. Usually, you have 2 sometimes 3 meetings during that time to go over everything. If you are looking for a planner that will really guide you, keep you on budget, handle all the vendors, and handle all the things, a full-service wedding planner is for you. These types of planners are typically all in. They meet with you on a monthly basis, whether that is a check-in call, in person, or visits with vendors. They are your best friend during the planning stages and hold your hand throughout the entire process.

Do you help us find all of our vendors?

  • Many planners have a list of trusted vendors that they work with. They have vetted these vendors and worked with them on many weddings and events. If you are looking for a full-service planner, after your budget conversation and understanding your vision of the wedding day, they will be able to make recommendations of the best vendors to handle your day. Typically they will call and verify their availability, send you links to their website and Instagram pages, and wait to hear back from you about your thoughts or concerns about each vendor. Once you make a decision, they help coordinate a meeting between you and the vendor and if the planner is available they will make the meeting as well.

What is included in your services?

  • Every planner has a different detail of their services. It is very important that you understand the services that they offer. If you are looking for someone to decorate your entire reception space, many planners do not do that. They will put out your personal items, but leave the decorating up to the rental company and florist to handle all the decorating needs. The scope of your wedding day and the type of planner you are looking for will determine what levels of service the planner will have.

Do you handle our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner?

  • The majority of planners will handle your rehearsal. This is the opportunity for them to make sure your wedding party understands their job on the wedding day and help them feel a little less nervous about what to do.

  • If you want the planner to handle your rehearsal dinner, you need to have that discussion right away. This is not a normal item that planners handle, and many consider it to be another event and will charge more to include that in their services.

Are you there for my entire wedding day?

  • Many planners are there for 10-12 hours on your wedding day. Asking how many hours they give to your day is very important to know. Some allow for 8 hours, and some allow for 12, so know in advance how much time they give to your day.

There are many things to think about for your wedding day. Hiring the right planner to ensure you have the support you need is an important one that you should not take lightly. Take the time to know what you want for your day, what you want to handle and what you don't want to handle. Know what your budget is for your day. A wedding planner is an investment in your day and an investment in enjoying each moment of your day. Whether you need month-of coordination or a full-service planner there are many great planners out there just waiting to make your wedding day dreams come true.

Blessed Magnolia is a full-service wedding planning company that works with our couples from the moment you say "Yes" until you say "I Do"! We hold our couple's hands every step of the way. We help them find vendors that meet their needs, have honest budget discussions, handle delicate situations and work tirelessly and endlessly with a cheerful heart. We love what we do and working with couples to make their wedding day dreams come true is what keeps us working hard every day! Are you considering a full-service planner? Let's talk today. Still unsure? Take our quiz to see what type of planning you need.

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