Aisle Planner Set-up

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As a wedding professional, I love using Aisle Planner.  I am able to utilize every aspect of this platform to keep me organized.   However, it did not come easily and I really had to dive in and study the platform to make it work for me.  I spent an entire year only utilizing one part and it was not until the layout option was open that I truly dove in and wanted to learn it all.  Once I really took the time, I realized I was able to set up templates for almost every item I needed to work on within a project saving me hours.

I am guessing that you are here because you are struggling with the same things, or just do not have the time to get everything set-up.  

Let Blessed Magnolia show you how to get your time back by setting up your account and the templates you need to make your life easier.  

Here is how you get started. 

  • Click the link below to request a meeting. 

  • You will receive a questionnaire about your business and how your processes flow.

  • I contact you to schedule our consultation meeting.

  • Upon your decision to move forward, I set aside an entire workday to get your account set up with everything you need.  At the end of that workday, you are ready to go and able to get back to the reasons you started your business.

Dedicating an entire day to you and your business has an investment cost starting price of $850.  There is nothing else that I work on that day.  I get your Aisle Planner account set up with branding and all the templates that you would need to save you hours of work when following up on leads or starting a new project.  However, I only do 4 full set-ups per month.  So getting on the schedule is an important first step.

Maybe you do not need a full set-up but could use help with templates and other workflow issues.  Fees are then based on exactly what services you need to make your life seamless in Aisle Planner.  My goal is that every wedding professional enjoys this platform as much as I do and utilizes every benefit you have.

Click the link below and let's talk soon to help you get back to creating.