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Aisle Planner Audits

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Hey there Wedding Professional!!!!

We see you out there making things happen! Becoming the CEO of your business!

Bringing on the right tools to make your business more streamlined and client-friendly. Aisle Planner is one of those tools that we use here at Blessed Magnolia in our wedding planning company.  We understand how it works, how to set it up, and how to make sure you are using every aspect of the system to its fullest potential.

Maybe you were using another CRM platform and you are considering what Aisle Planner can do for you and your team.  Let's talk about it, we can answer your questions and help you figure out if it seems like the right platform for you.

Did you already sign up for Aisle Planner, got started, and now just do not know how to get it set up the way you want it?  You are not alone!!!  So many planners find Aisle Planner, love all the features, start to dig in and get stopped because they just can not figure out all the things.  Then they have this platform that they use this piece or that piece and never see the true benefits of the whole platform.

Well, that stops today!!!  We offer two ways to get your system set up and let you decide what is right for you and your company.​

  • Basic Setup - $850

    • One day done for you.​

      • Branding​, inquiry form with email automation, contract template (this is your contract brought into AP), email templates, project template, timeline template.  (While these are in AP we will customize them to your needs)

      • Loom video to show you all the things

  • All the Things Setup - VIP Service - $2,450

    • VIP White Glove Service​

      • All the templates: brochures, questionnaires, contracts, emails, invoices, layout templates, notes templates, design board templates, and vendor contacts​

      • Custom Inquiry Form with mapping and automated email response

      • Loom video to show you all the things 

      • 1 Hour meeting to go over all the things

      • 1 month VA support (5 hours total) - see our VA support screen for all the details on our services

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